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Boutique Consultancy Firms provide outstanding services, but often lack in brand recognition. We are honored to develop a new brand identity for Switzerland-based Global Development. Barbara Bulc, CEO with a unique network of global leaders has been advisor to governments, multilateral institutions, NGOs and the private sector.

So nutty.


Organic nuts and more

We are pleased to announce the first marketing activity for our new client Bio Partner Schweiz, leading bio wholesaler in Switzerland.

Just in time for the nut season we made the first product flyer for organic nuts, sold by Bio Partner Schweiz. It presents the large assortment and the producing partners. We developped our own pictograms that enables the customers to segment the large range. Using a partner from South Africa as an example we also showed the cultivating methods as well as the working conditions for the employees, which are essential for the customers. We are not sure whether Santa Claus already changed to organic nuts, but he definitely should.