Sunrise - Newspaper


Sunrise Benefit from a customer's perspective.

It is so easy!

The recipient of our mailing is part of the headline of a newspaper article alerting them to the high prices in telecommunication. A thoughtful friend has found this article, copied it and sent it to the recipient, including a hand-written note at the bottom. This avoided the rejection-mechanism against telco-mailings and topped it with a great price/offer bundle.

Sunrise - Cityburner_EN


High intensity in the region.

And don’t wait!

In handpicked Swiss cities, we launched a multi-channel campaign with a strong regional focus, incorporating aspects of the individual regions. It plays with personalisation, individualisation and regionalisation as much as possible – on billboards, bus adverts, mailings, flyers etc. Due to the specific regional aspect, the response rate tripled and this new level has been sustained over the long term. The campaign impacted Sunrise’ image positively and it is now a standard tool within their marketing mix.


Sunrise - Telegram


Telegram received*** STOP***changed to Sunrise***STOP!

Threefold Response ***STOP.

Received a telegram lately? No, probably not! The postal service stopped offering this service years ago but not everybody would know, and the telegram still carries with it an air of importance. For this reason, Sunrise despatched unaddressed mailings designed to look and feel like a telegram. We are delighted to report that a far higher than average result was achieved.


Sunrise - Chimney Sweeper


The Chimney Sweeper is coming!

He adjusts your cables.

Important messages in the mailbox need to be seen and dealt with urgently. This is why we chose to use a special product by the Swiss Postal Service – flap-mailing. We demanded the customer’s attention by thelling them that their ‘cable’ would be renewed. On pink paper with a handyman-symbol, the message could easily have been sent by the chimney-sweep. A guaranteed high level of attention and the added customer incentive of 300CHF. Extremely cost-effective in production costs but with a startling and effective response.


Sunrise - Adress Change

Customers move to Sunrise.

Sunrise moves to us.

For the mailing-weary Telco-market we developed a clever door-opener which shows just how simple a change can actually be. We moved the recipient without them even noticing! We split the target group into several sub-groups and succeeded in achieving almost tenfold the amount of new customers within the control group! This goes alongside an extremely attractive CPO. The results are the basis for further optimisation for target group mailings in general.

Durch das Spiel mit den Adressen wurde eine optimale Opening Rate erzielt, die zu sehr guten Responserates führte. Das Mailing erzielte bei einer Grossauflage eine über 10fache Response, gemessen an Sunrise Abo-Abschlüssen im Vergleich zur Kontrollgruppe. Dem folgt natürlich auch ein extrem attraktiver CPO. Und die Ergebnisse des Mailings dienen gleichzeitig zur weiteren Optimierung bei Zielgruppenmailings generell.