PET-Recycling explained precisely.


PET-Recycling explained precisely.

Often small things can make a big difference.

Main goal of the PET-Recycyling campaign 2017 is to make the Swiss audience aware of the importance of having PET bottles only in the the recycling bins.

Two 20-sec spots illustrate this in a humourous way. Additionally this explanatory film gives more in-depth information. We show, WHY good recycling behaviour is so important. In attractively animated images and with a charming dialogue between the protagonists of our main campaign: the PET bottles.


pet only campaign


PET-bottles want to stay amongst themselves.

Segregation in PTE-bottle recycling.

The environmental-sensitive population of Switzerland is so dedicated to collection recycling material, that more and more other plastic wrapping ends up in the pet-bottle recycling bins. Be it salad bowls, cups, shampoo or detergent bottles. This causes major problems in the recycling process – in worst case the material cannot be used for the production of new PET bottles. This is the background of our new PET-recycling campaign.

Unfortunately we know by experience that customers dislike to be tought in recycling issues. Behavioural change can only be achieved with witty, entertaining messaging. This is, why we introduced animated plastic bottles that experience segregation in their world. In two animated spots our heros have to survive in the plastic world. But even here are no-go-areas, where wrong plastic bottles are not welcome. The audience learns with a smile on their face that in the real world a separation of PET bottles and other plastics are very welcome. The spots will be aired in various versions and lenghts on tv, online and open air cinemas this summer.


Real Involvement.


Start small.

No convincing needed.

These are true believers. Recycling comes for these kids naturally. Their way of dealing with the topic is playful.

This is the background of the “recycling weeks” that Swiss schools have implemented in their curriculum. We were allowed to make a film of one of these recycling weeks in the Thalwil elementary school as one example of this activity. Filmmaker Patrick Isenschmid was our partner in making this documentary.




The new PET cycle campaign

“So bottles become bottles again.”

That’s the claim of the new campaign. We pimped a pet box, set up a hidden camera at various places in Switzerland and waited. The funny and great reactions of our recycling-heros were what we were aiming for. The resulting spots visualize the bottle cycle sympathatically and the good feedback of our recyclers emphasize the message. We were able to produce 14 different spots for Web-TV-Commercials, You-Tube-Clips, two Digital-Out-of-Home-Spots for Ad-Screens at the main train stations and for the online platforms of the members of PET-Recycling Switzerland.

But more important: we had lot of great film material for a viral social media campaign: a classic “prank spot”. Within the first 2 weeks more than 2 million people watched our spot on facebook.

We were aiming to communication, what happens to the PET material, once the customer returned his bottle. Because the best PET-bottle recycling is not simply re-using it, but using it as a bottle again.

Target group for the campaign are hence not only the consumers, but also the PET-industry. Due to the low oil price virgin PET is cheaper than recycled PET, so the people in charge in the bottling industry have to be convinced, that recycled material is the best solution.


PRS - Concerts


Thank you with 100 decibel.

The charts are grateful.

Steff la Cheffe, Marc Sway, Gustave – three big names support the PET recycling campaign and say thank you to the Swiss population for their incredible commitment to recycling over the past 25 years. With free concerts, comqed developed the visuals, stage setup and concert communication along with an online and advertising campaign. And best of all, our comqed summer apprentice makes the final concert clip!


PRS - Anniversary


Success story grace to ideas

Success story grace to you!

A whole Swiss generation collects and returns PET bottles. It is a unique system, one that reached a world-leading level without the need for a  deposit system, and using only communication, celebrates its 25th year of successful operation! With continual communication highlighting environmental factors, further awareness is knitted ever-more-deeply throughout the Swiss population, a behaviour that is learned and accepted from an early age. This has enabled the system to be the huge success it is. Across all sectors, cantons, languages, ethnicities and cultures recycling of PET comes naturally.

However, it needs to be driven continually and this is not an easy task with a significantly culturally and linguistically diverse population. But it goes to show that excellent message-delivery, without finger-wagging, can show outstanding results. International interest has been generated in those wishing to develop similar systems. This is also the basis of our new ‘Thank You’ campaign from comqed to PET Recycling Switzerland. In a TV spot, we illustrate the 25 years of PET recycling through a whole generation. The lovestory of a young couple shows how PET recycling is a natural part of everyday life. In 5 vignettes we tell the story from a kindergarten friend to a new family, finishing off with the next generation learning the PET recycling ways.


PRS - Acquisition PET Tennis


Tennis is a clean sport.

Even in terms of recycling.

Cyclists and marathon runners somehow get away with throwing their used drink bottles on the street. Roger Federer would NEVER do that, and neither would a player in any Swiss tennis club (of course, Fabian Cancellara isa  green sportsman as well!!).


PRS - kKiosk_EN


1000 additional PET recycling stations at once.

Valora helps recycling.

Valora is committed to PET Recycling. From now on consumers may return PET bottles at any K Kiosk store. The word needs to be spread with the new Valora campaign. We developed three new visuals to be shown on billboards near K Kiosk locations.


PRS - take away


Put the bottle in your bag!

It’s that easy.

‘Stop Littering – Take It With You’ is the new message. The new PET-campaign targeted the Number 1 reported excuse, namely, ‘I would recycle my bottle if only there were a PET BOX nearby’. ‘No PET BOX – Impossible!’ Is the headline of our new campaign and the visual shows exactly what to do – Make your bag a mobile PET BOX. 5 different visuals illustrate the idea perfectly.

PRS - Mailing


comqed enables western Switzerland...

..and also Ticino.

Currently, the vast majority of recyclers return their PET bottles at a community recycling centre. Our aim is to get people to return their bottles at the supermarket instead. comqed produced and despatched a PET recycling information leaflet to all French- and Italian-speaking households. A lottery was made to look like an instruction in several languages to communicate the latest PET message to a multilingual population.


PRS - Bag


Smart collecting.

Smart recycling.

Collecting the PET bottles has become natural and normal. We want it to be smart too. Smart recyclers have been doing it for a long time already – collecting and returning the empty bottles to the store in a shopping bag, and using the same bag to carry home the groceries. We decided to help with this by designing a stylish shopping bag to make the whole experience to be more fun. Nobody wants an old, dirty bag hanging around their kitchen. The solution is a large, cute, and practical PET recycling bag. Designed and developed by comqed.


PRS - Acquisition PET office


Recycling? Also at the office.

Of course!

Recycling at the office? It’s so simple to do when there are PET BOXES in more than 20,000 offices throughout Switzerland. Our new campaign will convince any remaining workplaces to come on board with a PET BOX.




Looking for PET BOXes means seeing PET BOXes

This time at leisure…

More than 30,000 Pet BOX codes scanned, more than 5,000 new facebook friends and Rank 3 within the most popular apps in ‘Lifestyle’. PET BOX CUP 1 was a definite success story.  Next, we intend to raise the quota at public swimming pools, gyms, movie theatres and mountain areas.




Seeing PET BOXes = Using PET BOXes.

Unschlagbar: Selektive Wahrnehmung.

Switzerland is a world leader when it comes to at-home collection PET bottles for recycling. 80% of all bottles are returned. However, whilst out-and-about, it seems that many people forget their recycling habit. Various studies have shown that we all intend to recycle correctly but seem to find the perfect excuse – not being able to find one of the 50,000 blue-yellow PET boxes in Switzerland!

Our new PET-campaign shows the customer that there is indeed a PET BOX around when needed – they just need to become more aware of where they are. ‘Selective perception’ was where our campaign began – making the customer more alert to the PET BOXES close by. We developed a little game to do just this, telling the customer ‘Find a PET box and win 1,000CHF every day’.It drew attention to the location and vast numbers of these PET BOXES, encouraging customers to scan a code and send it via the App, text or online. The game reached a high concentration, more than adequately penetrating the identified smart-phone-savvy target group of 15-35 year olds. All others were taken by teaser communication via print, bill boards etc.


PRS - Cable Cars


Cable Cars also recycle.

And the guests love it.

In a set-up where PET bottles are frequently used, PET recycling should obviously be a communication topic. But where? Firstly, the message needs to be seen. Secondly it must be seen for long enough, and, finally, the solution has be part of the concept. In a ski cablecar this combination is perfectly delivered. The message is placed above the traveller’s head and is easily sustained for the short journey. When exiting the cable car, the solution is right there – a PET BOX. Impossible to ignore! comqed supplies the major ski areas with cable car advertising.