GE Money Bank - CardProtect


Kreditkartensicherheit neu definiert.

Comqed erklärt wie’s geht.

Für das intelligente Versicherungspaket Card Protect von GE Money Bank erstellt comqed Infomaterial und versendet das Angebot an die GE Kreditkarten-Kunden. Rechtzeitig vor der Ferienzeit wird damit ein wertvolles Ergänzungsprodukt lanciert, das über den Mailingversand eine traumhafte Response auslöst. Natürlich auch wegen der intelligenten Ansprache der Masnnahme.


GE Money Bank - Springpromo 2011 EN


GE Money Bank launches spring promotion

Bonus for customers only.

Sensational: 300 CHF bonus. That’s the core message of the 2011 spring promo of GE Money Bank for personal lending in Switzerland. Based on the roof campaign story, where clients come to the bank that is prepared to imminently help them realise their financial dreams. We helped to paint the picture – a woman, ready to go travelling, and a man that wanted that new car, both successfully fixing their loan and receiving the 300 CHF bonus. The roof campaign highlights the 30 minute decision making promise whilst the promo campaign goes further. We see the borrowers displaying their bonus in the picture, showing that the bonus was a reality.


GE Money Bank - Springpromo 2010 EN


Show money. The more the merrier.

Old school loan advertising par excellence

After winning the new customer GE Money Bank we may present a small ‘pre-job’. Knowing that the new campaign will be a strategic shift from the usual loan communication. This is a last ‘dirty job’. Let’s Go.


GE Money Bank - Loan 2010 EN


Incredible but true.

Just half an hour until a Go!

Decision making within 30 minutes is the core message of our current campaign for the leading loan bank in Switzerland. Regardless of the requirements, GE Money will act quickly and be flexible in putting the customer first. Consumers realise this and can fulfill not only dreams of a new car or travelling, but everyday requirements, right down to weddings and furniture. Visual images help the potential customers to see theirs dreams being a realistic proposition for a loan.