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Any promise in the roof campaign has to be fulfilled at the POS and not just once but repeatedly. The sales partners need effective call-to-acts, that match the roof campaign and turn the image into a purchase by a consumer. With the news sales partner campaign from comqed for Das WeltAuto.

AMAG - DWA Launch EN


The new AMAG campaign for «Das WeltAuto»

Used car advertising that matches the brand.

The new comqed campaign ‘Das WeltAuto’ is live! The first visuals are on billboards, the website is up and running, banner and ads have been launched. For the world renowned Volkswagen brand, comqed visualised ‘simple, calm, trust’ as the central themes to the used-car campaign. Our aim was to send customers the message that with a sound and genuine company like Das AutoWelt they can have blind trust in the purchase of a high quality used car with a guarantee of satisfaction.