I want to know precisely.


«I want to know precisely.»

Christa Rigozzi goes backstage at Cembra.

For the past 2 years we have introduced Christa Rigozzi as the brand ambassador of Cembra Money Bank. She advertises the products of the bank sucessfully.

In our nation-wide print, tv and online campaign as well as on events and fairs she presents credit cards, loans and leasing of Cembra.

In our 2017 campaign she goes backstage: in a Cembra branch she talks to employees and customers about the background and processes involved in a private loan. In 5 short internet-clips she receives those answers that were give most due to a research from last year.

These clips are flanked by large billboards that aim to keep the top-of-mind position of Cembra in potential customers. We aim to anchor especially the new claim «Your loan: simply Cembra» in peoples heads in order to make it relevant at the moment of purchase decision.


Simply Cembra


«Your loan: simply Cembra.»

Cembra Money Bank launches the second campaign with Christa Rigozzi as their brand ambassador.

If you want a loan that makes sense, Cembra Money Bank is the right partner at your side. This is embraced in the new claim «Your Loan: Simply Cembra». Because at Cembra it is „«your loan»: individual, discreet and personal. The loan consultancy is on eye level.

Christa Rigozzi, Cembra brand ambassador presents in the new campaign various situations in which taking a loan could be a reasonable solution.: a larger car when having a baby, an investment in the future with a degree or a smaller renovations at home.
Two out of four visuals are shown as 22 sec. online Spots all over Switzerland. All four are shown as ads, billboards and on e-boards. The first wave with the car and the moving visual starts April 4. In a second wave, starting in may, the visual is complemented with a new price communication.


Cembra - Loan 2015 EN


The second wave is on air.

Now the consumers show their perspective.

The new visuals of the Cembra Marketing campaign with a young urban man and likeable mother, representing the needs of the late 20s/early 30s target group, supplement the base campaign with Christina Rigozzi. The campaign embodied mobility and independence.


Cembra - Rigozzi EN


Christa Rigozzi becomes new brand ambassador for Cembra Money Bank

The competent entrepreneur is the perfect ambassador.

comqed launches the new advertising campaign for Cembra Money Bank ‘When a loan makes sense’. Christa Rigozzi, successful TV show host and entertainer, supports the new campaign as a brand ambassador. We show that taking a loan can make sense in a variety of situations in which Cembra Money Bank can be used a a proven reliable provider. The Swiss bank is represented by the former Miss Switzerland in her own inimitable way.


Cembra - Kassenobli EN


Smart customers know already:

Cembra offers the best return in the market

Cembra is a bank with lots of assets i.e. they offer the best return on medium term bonds in Switzerland. This was a message that we wanted to share with customers. comqed developed a nationwide campaign that highlighted the strength and stability of the bank, and did it with outstanding success. Cembra shoots up to market leader position for medium term bonds. Buy Now!


Cembra - Bill Inserts


In dialogue with the customer

Save money with the new e-service

Comqed had the exciting challenge of developing a new e-service brochure. It was used to inform customers of the range of services available through Cembra Money Bank’s online portal. Customers were led through a “how to” step by step process using graphics and screenshots in the campaign. This mailing has been the 6th tool that comqed has designed for Cembra Money Bank e-services.

Cembra - Re-Branding EN


GE Money Bank is now Cembra Money Bank

comqed stays with the client.

In a successful pitch we were able to defend our account against various large and international agencies. The comqed team were retained due to our creative ideas and fundamental understanding of the Swiss market.

We have been brought on board to introduce Cembra Money Bank to the Swiss market and will be running all future communication of the new brand. They have recently gone public and needed a campaign to be produced within just three months. The Cembra Money Bank is now visible as a responsible financial partner in TV spots, ads and billboards.